Major Achievements

Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)

The Republic of Ghana Port Control System Project

Having received an order from the Republic of Ghana in Western Africa for port control systems designed to integrate AIS (Automatic Identification Systems) sensors with ARPA (automatic radar plotting aids with automatic display functions) radars, we delivered the systems and completed installing them drawing on our past experience of delivering and installing AIS’s for navigation beacons and AIS base station network systems.

Shoreline of GhanaThe port control systems, each composed of ARPA radars, AIS receivers, radio communication equipment, AIS’s for navigation beacons, meteorological sensors, a system control server and operator displays, were installed in Tema Port and Takoradi Port, major import ports of the Republic of Ghana. These ports are connected by communication lines to share ship information and to monitor the movement of ships.

Ship surveillance is performed based on data obtained from ARPA radars, which are the primary sensors, and from AIS sensors. These two types of sensors complement each other in order to achieve effective and highly accurate ship management.

ARPA radar antennaRadio communication data that has long since been used in Ghana is preserved as digital data in order to keep all data under a unified management system, and useful information gained from the data is presented on a number of operator displays to be shared in real time.

We also delivered 14 AKARI-100s (AIS’s for navigation beacons), 12 of which were installed in lighthouses and beacons near the two ports mentioned above. Four of these 14 AKARI-100s are equipped and linked with meteorological sensors. Digital information of lighthouses and meteorological data are sent from these AKARI-100s to ships equipped with navigation AISs and data from meteorological sensors is displayed on operator displays in real time along with management information from lighthouses and beacons.

Operator displays and radar displaySystem control serverData display screenMeteorological sensorAKARI-100 AIS AtoN unit