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Creating New Value for the New Age

Having started as a manufacturer of seawater-resistant aluminum products, Zeni Lite Buoy Co., Ltd. manufactures a range of products. The Zeni Lite Buoy, the first Takeyasu-style simple automatic blinking buoy developed in Japan in response to the request of customers provided the foundation of our current buoy technology. In addition to this, our company has developed a large variety of products, including monitoring buoys, aquaculture farming buoys and rescue buoys.

Buoys that are used to show dangerous waters are becoming ever more important today as a result of an increase in maritime traffic, offshore construction work, such as the construction of sea airports and large-scale bridges, and the increased utilization of the sea, including the use of aquaculture facilities. Various types of buoys equipped with devices for the research, surveillance and monitoring of marine pollution have also been developed for a wide variety of purposes.

There is an increase in the demand for buoys used for emergency purposes as well, such as for the observation of tidal waves caused by typhoons and tsunami caused by earthquakes, which have a high probability of occurring.

Zeni Lite, whose technological expertise in developing various types of buoys is highly valued both inside and outside Japan, is widely recognized as one of the leading manufacturers in the world.