LED lantern

Self Contained LED Lantern

  • ZL-LSW160

Considering IALA new guidelines (1065), Zeni Lite have designed and developed a 20。 @ 50% intensity points Wide Vertical Divergence LED Marine Lantern, ideal for compensating buoy motion.

Modular in design, several versions of the ZL-LSW160 Self-Contained LED Lantern are available, integrated with or without Akari-AIS technology, and depending on the application and range requirement, lenses of varying divergence providing 5 degrees or 20 degrees @ 50% intensity points can be considered.

The main body of the ZL-LSW160-*-UA or ZL-LSW160-*-U is injection moulded poly-resin providing a large waterproof compartment, housing one 40Ah battery and electronics, with the outer body designed to accommodate four 9.5Watt solar modules. A 'built-in' equalization valve ensures correct pressure is maintained at all times within the internal compartment.

The ZL-LSW160 Self Contained LED Lantern is able to synchronize with other Zeni Lite LED lanterns


  • Zero Maintenance
  • Hermetically sealed unit
  • No lamps, no moving parts, no motor drive
  • Integrated AIS ideal for locations with limited space
  • Optional GPS Synchronizer
  • Built-in pressure equalization valve
  • Extended operational life
  • 256 pre-programmed flash codes field selectable
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Comply with EMI / EMS standards
  • Magnetic Switch (On / Off)

Sturdy construction

The optical system comprises twelve high intensity light emitting diodes (LEDs) precisely positioned on a uniquely designed circular assembly, providing an even distribution of light throughout the horizontal plane.

The LED array is housed within a custom designed 160mm Fresnel lens, ensuring consistent intensity outputs are achieved, with a luminous range of not less than 3 nautical miles @ T=0.74 with a 20 degree divergence @ 50% intensity points or 6 nautical miles @ T=0.74 with a 5 degree divergence @ 50% intensity points. The lens is hermetically sealed between cast aluminium alloy base and top cover, which assists in preventing the build-up of salt residue, and dirt particles, and ensuring the operating performance of the lantern is not compromised.

The lantern base is manufactured from corrosion resistant light-weight marine grade aluminium, providing increased strength with 3 or 4 bolt-hole pattern on a 200mm P.C.D.

Software Management and Programming

Intelligent software controls and monitors the performance of the LED lantern, ensuring consistent intensity outputs, providing 256 pre-programmed flash characters field-selectable and, synchronization with other Zeni Lite LED lanterns.

A remote sensor and programmer (infrared device) allows field programming of lantern settings in the field, as well as checking of flash character and battery voltage.

  • Optional Remote Controller

    Communication : Infrared Device
    Programming : Flash Rhythm (256 characters), Light Intensity (1 〜 100% of intensity), Sun Switch Sensitivity and Synchronize Delaying Time
    Display : Built-in LCD Display
    Maintenance : Battery Voltage Measurement, Flashing Test and Synchronizing
  • ZL-LSW160

    Akari-AIS technology

    monitors the aid to navigation and can transmit AIS Message 21 for use by vessels within range. Status of the system power supply is continually checked, and data returned to shore via AIS Message 6.


Zeni Lite introduced it's first Light Emitting Diode (LED) Marine Lantern in 1988, and over the last 20 years the company has continued developing new and innovative LED products, working closely with LED manufacturers to operate LED's efficiently, and applying the latest technology in lens design to produce the most efficient Lens to LED ratio, thereby achieving high intensity with low power consumption. The series of ZL-LSW160 lanterns have benefitted from this technological advancement.