LED lantern

Super High Intensity
LED Lantern with AIS

  • ZL-LS370A

The "ZL-LS370A" Super High Intensity LED Lantern with up to 5 tier configuration (Type: ZL-LS370A-W305) provides 50,000 candela in white colour.

With a flash length of 1.0 second, the effective intensity [Ie] is 41,400 candela and the nominal range [@ T=0.74] is 17.5 nautical miles.

Sturdy construction

The optical system comprises high intensity light emitting diodes (LEDs) precisely positioned on a uniquely designed circular assembly, providing an even distribution of light throughout the horizontal plane.

Optically, the most efficient high performance LED lantern designed and built, capturing and focusing light in the horizontal plane. A unique lens and LED combination, with each LED layer having its own dimensionally stable customized precision moulded patented lens. Only superior 'high intensity light emitting diodes', individually tested and graded are used in the ZL-LS370A lantern.

The LED array is housed within a custom designed 366mm Fresnel Lens, interconnected with a cast aluminium alloy lens rings, base, and top cover.

Mechanical Integrity

With no moving components, and using only marine grade materials, the ZL-LS370A Super High LED Lantern has a design life far exceeding rotating beacons & incandescent type lanterns.

The lantern base housing accommodates an external photo-sensor, a ventilation membrane breather permitting pressure and temperature equalization, a weatherproof male connector for external programming and 24 Volt DC power connection. An external AC to DC converter is available for 240V AC or 110V AC input voltage requirements. A built-in level adjuster and level vial are provided for horizontal alignment during installation.

Incorporated within the ZL-LS370A lantern, intelligent software controls and monitors the performance of the LED lantern, ensuring consistent intensity outputs, providing up to 256 pre-programmed flash characters field-selectable and, synchronization with other Zeni Lite LED lanterns.

Akari-AIS technology

monitors the aid to navigation and can transmit AIS Message 21 for use by vessels within range. Status of the system power supply is continually checked, and data returned to shore via AIS Message 6.