LED Range Light

LED Range Lantern

  • LED Range Lantern

ZBL-RL LED Range Light is manufactured from corrosion resistant light-weight marine grade aluminium. The futuristic designed external casing ensures proper heat dissipation, acting as a cooling agent. Each LED is encased within a custom designed lens, accurately positioned to evenly distribute light horizontally and within specific degrees. Depending on the colour and divergence, luminous ranges up to 20NM @ T=0.74 are achieved.

High efficiency, low wattage with reliable output under varying environmental conditions, the ZBL-RL can be powered by small solar systems, making it ideally suitable for marking channel entrances, rivers, canals and other types of applications to demarcate specific boundaries or controlling maritime traffic.

Intelligent software controls and monitors the performance of the LED lantern, ensuring consistent outputs, providing 256 pre-programmed flash characters field selectable using a remote sensor and programmer (infrared device), allowing programming of range lantern settings in the field, checking of flash character and battery voltage. ZBL-RL also comes with an optional remote synchronization with other Zeni Lite LED Lanterns.


  • Zero Maintenance
  • No lamps, no moving parts, no motor drive
  • Optional GPS Synchronizer
  • Simplified Installation
  • Built-in pressure equalization valve
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Extended operational life
  • 256 pre-programmed flash codes field selectable
  • Interchangeable components
  • Rugged compact design suitable for marine environment
  • Comply with EMI / EMS standards
  • Low wattage module / array